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Industial Digitalization

Canavisia Shoebox

Efficiency and availability of production

For an organized production, having efficient and constantly available assets means low machine downtime and inactivity, optimized production capability and other potential benefits resulting in a reduction of production costs.  accordingly to the industry 4.0.

The Canavisia Shoebox digitalizes in a simple, all-pervading and non-invasive way the data coming from any kind of machine related to its health status (vibrations, temperatures, pressures, semaphore, energy consumptions, etc.) and to send such data to platforms such as CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) or generic servers to monitor, predict and prevent proactively any machine failure.

The Canavisia solutions includes the Dashboard software for the real-time display of the parameter values related to sensors, their changing over time and the exceeding of the preset thresholds providing accurate information on the status and conditions of the various productions assets. The same data can be used by MES Platforms (Manufacturing Execution System) as Factory Logix by Aegis, which allows n optimization within the entire process and the achieving of the KPI target.

The machine digitalization through the Canavisia ShoeBox Solution fully responds to the Industry 4.0 plan basic requirements and its related funding criteria and subsequent incentives.

Canavisia provides a non-invasive and easy to install digitalization

Our solutions allow the analysis of data coming from any kind of machinery (vibrations, temperature and pressures, etc.) leading the company transformation from analogical to digital accordingly to the industry 4.0.

Data is gathered from the Canavisia Dashboard Software and can be transfered to internal or external platforms.

The Canavisia system is easily integrated into CMMS, ERP and MES systems.

modular and scalable solutions

Energy costs reduction

Energy represents a substantial share of operative costs. Canavisia faces the energy consumption optimization market with a modular and scalable solution in line with the investment capacity. The modules of the the S-Box line digitalize the energy consumption data of any device and company infrastructure (machines, services, lightning, etc.) and send this data to local or remote artificial intelligence platforms (also through cloud/ Cloud Manufacturing) capable to transform it in information to assist and support operational decisions.

The consumption monitoring of the operating machine is part of the predictive monitoring of the machine condition and it can be easily extended to the monitoring of the entire operating area through a gradual approach of targeted interventions on the most problematic areas, with a full scalability for further interventions in order to guarantee energy efficiency.

The Canavisia solution includes the Canavisia Dashboard software which displays in real time the value of the consumption data points, their changing over time and the exceeding of preset thresholds, providing specific information on the status and the quality of the energy supply, areas of major consumption allowing an evaluation and energy cost reduction strategy in order to the industry 4.0.

Case history

Hundreds of installed systems throughout Italy