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industria elettronica

Monitoring of an electronic factory producing SMDs

Client RequestMonitoring of the environmental parameters in the SMD productions area and in the PCB storage area. Semaphore monitoring of the reflow ovenr. Preventing the shutdown of the oven's machinery caused by the clogging of the filter. Non-Invasive Intervention


Temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and brightness monitoring in the SMD production area.

Installation of a vibration sensor on the cooling fan carter inside the oven.

Semaphore status monitoring.

Monitoring of the environmental parameters. 

Client Benefits

  • Monitoring and tracing of the environmental parameters of the rooms indicated via automated alert of any anomaly or non-conforming trend.

  • Status Monitoring of the reflow oven with the possibility to perform a use analysis.

  • Measuring the internal vibration of the reflow oven allows to perform a preventive maintenance on the filter.

  • Access to Industry 4.0 incentives through the retrofitting of the “non-conneted” machines.

Case study

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