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monitoraggio locale tecnico

Utility Room Monitoring

Client RequestPrevent the blocking of the sewage pump caused by the frequent flooding of the utility rooms. Preventing the boiler blockage.


Pump absorption monitoring to determine the blocking. In the event of a blocking an alarm is promptly send via mail, via auto and the LED indicators in the reception room.

Circulator Pump absorption monitoring.

Client Benefits

The maintenance manager and the operator in the reception office are notified of any malfunction before this could affect the proper course of activities due to floodings or lack of hot water.

Case study

Other Projects

monitoraggio stabilimento

Monitoring of an Automotive Production Plant

Monitoring of the temperature and the humidity of the environment, inside the ovens and the tanks in the bumpers and painting production areas without
monitoraggio stato di conservazione

Electronic Factory Monitoring

Monitoring of the conservation status of the materials and of the PCBs stored in the refrigerators.