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Street Furniture and Smart City
industrial monitoring
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Our mission

Canavisia provides solutions for the acquisition and the digitalization of data that allow the monitoring of machines, public building and places with the aim of minimizing the production process, the maintenance and the intelligent energy management.

Canavisia proposes itself as a valid partner with established values in innovation, integrity and constant commitment with every single customer.

Our solutions

Each new soloution incorporates the memory of experience

Industrial Monitoring system

Your company speaks to you, listen to it! Each and every part of your company can provide useful information for the achievement of your business goals. Canavisia helps you to monitor and read your company’s data and make your business  more innovative.

Energy Monitoring

Optimize your energy consumption in a simple and efficient way! The energy costs depend on how much we consume, but also on how and when we consume it. Canavisia helps you to save the energy of your company efficiently by looking for new ways of saving, studying how to generate new revenue streams and also being more sustainable.

Street Furniture and Smart City

Beside street furniture, Canavisia also stands out in IOT solution and tourism development. We make your cities more smart and interactive without sacrificing in design.


There are many possibilites surrounding us and Canavisia’s solutions can be applied to each one of these

covid19 emergency

Environmental monitoring

Automated and non-invasive industrial monitoring system for access control and monitoring to regulate the flow of people inside enclosed spaces, in compliance of the rules of social distancing.


Our Numbers

There are many possibilites surrounding us and Canavisia’s solutions can be applied to each one of these.  Our solutions are  aimed to industries, retails, service sector, public administration and cities.

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Wind Turbines
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Solar Panels
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Energy Efficient
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industrial monitoring system

Smart 50 Awards

Canavisia is among the winners of the year’s smartest projects prize.

In November 2020, in Denver (Colorado USA), we have been awarded with the Smart 50 award for the year’s smartest projects. Canavisia has supplied to ‘’la Casermetta’’ mountain refuge in Courmayeur (Valle d’Aosta – Italy) a Mira smart bench delivered by helicopter at an altitude of 2.635 meters. The Mira smart bench sends to tourists and citizens data and information on routes, the flow of people nearby and environmental conditions.

Tax incentives

Ecobonus and tax incentives

The 2020 Budget Bill extends the tax deductions for the energy efficiency of the buildings to December 31st 2020 (Ecobonus), the 50% tax reduction for building renovations aiming to energy savings and/or the use of renewable sources and the SUPERBONUS, with 110% tax deductions on the expenses incurred between July 1st 2020 and December 31st 2021.


integrity and constant commitment with each and every customer




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