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monitoraggio linea di produzione

SMD line monitoring

Client RequestProduction line monitoring for each piece of machinery. Veryfing the of the quality of produced boards. Environmental parameters monitoring. Access to a monitoring dashboard allowing the managing of the alerts.


MASTER module

Applied to the production line Loader to count the boards and also consent the lot production. The Loader interface takes place firstly by reading the board transit sensor and lastly using one or two relays to enable the functioning of the start button.

MONITOR modules

with status detection through optocoupler applied to:

  • SPI and Printing Machine
  • Pick & Place: machine inserting the components on the electronic boards
  • Oven: component heating system
  • Board Rotate: machine rotating the arrangement of the board on the production line.
  • AOI: visual test system on the electronic boards

MONITOR module

Applied to the loader for the counting of good and defective boards. The monitoring takes places in particular by reading the information from the SMEMA

SENSOR module

To apply in any point of the production line in order to the survey the environmental parameters.

Monitoring Dashboard

Software residing in the MASTER for module configuration anf the management of the data and the alarms coming from the various MONITORS.

Line Monitoring software

Developed according to client requirements. The software will interface with the client server and will collect the dama coming from the production line.

Client Benefits

  • Preventative maintenance of the line by the monitoring status of the machine, reducing the waste and consequently increasing its quality.

    Environmental parameters monitoringof the factory allowing to create an even optimal working environment.

    Status management of all machines of different brands in asingle software platform.

Case study

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