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monitoraggio area produttiva

Monitoring of a Production Area with Aegis FactoryLogix MES software

Client RequestIndustry: Elettronics, electronic components and boards assembly
  • Preparation and management of the production flow
  • Management of product and process reviews
  • Traceability of operations
  • Interfacing with production machines
  • Interfacing with ERP management system
  • Stock management / Inventory
  • Data Analysis / Dashboard / Alarm Management
  • Management of Non-conformities

monitoraggio area produttiva



1. Analysis of the production context

1. Meeting with the client to define necessities and expectations of the projects

2.Data Collection on the productive area

1.R&D and production management

2.Automatic assembly lines

3.Manual assembly stations


5.Quality Management

2. Information analysis and preparation of the SOW (Statement Of Work) document describing the solutions and results of the project


monitoraggio area produttiva


1. Software installation on the customer’s systems

2. Production Process Analysis and findings

3. Training and introduction to the software in the company

  • DME module: R&D managers and internal staff
  • Production module: production managers and technicians
  • Logistics module: Warehouse managers and ERP Administrators
  • Analytics module: Quality and R&D managers
  • AQMS Module: Quality and Production Manager

4. Machine integration: installation and testing of integrations to production machines

5. Integration with ERP business system: installation and integration testing

6. Development support

7. Pilot and Go-Live

After-sales support/updates

Client Benefits

Business impact: + 7 % increase in production capacity, + 6% of deliveries made on time.

Bettermanagement of the R&D resources: reduction of the times of introduction planning and redaction of production documentation

Immediate containment actions: the use of notifications has drastically reduced any waste and false start during production

Immediate traceability of the production data: the data are now available in one place without having to search them through the various divisions

A single solution: drastic reduction of the software maintenance fees that managed part of the production and of the storage.

Case study

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