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software mes


Client RequestMonitoring of a line composed of test stations, welding, programming and automated assembly.

Industry: Electronics, Automotive sector
  • Preparation and management of the production flow
  • Management of product and process reviews
  • Production Order Management
  • Sending the recipes to the machines
  • Traceability of operations
  • Interfacing with production machines
  • Data Analysis / Dashboard / Alarm Management

software mes



1.Analysis of the production context

1.Tender Analysis

2.Data Collection on the productive area

3.R&D and production management

4.Back-end lines

2.Information analysis and preparation of the SOW (Statement Of Work) document describing the solutions and results of the project

3.Analysis of the proposal and possible correction


software mes


1.Software installation on the customer’s systems

2.Training and introduction to the software in the company

  • DME module: R&D managers and internal staff
  • Production module: production managers and technicians
  • Analytics module: Quality and R&D managers

3.Machine integration: installation and testing of integrations to production machines

4.Development support: preparation of the process template, data analysis, dashboard

5.Pilot and Go-Live: complete communication test between MES, production machines and operators

After-sales support/updates

Client Benefits

Traceability of production data: full compliance with the limits imposed by the end customer on the traceability of the product (Operation Status, Test result, Reporting anomalies, OEE)

Data analysis of the back-end line: the gathering of data made it possible to make changes to the production process, reducing time and increasing average production

Immediate containment actions: the alarms allow you to notify the line manager of any machine downtime and the growth of errors in the test phases

Improved management of resources in R&D: the introduction of the MES has helped the R&D technicians to verify the data on the first pieces produced and make changes to the production process and to the product so that it respects the limits imposed by the end customer 

Case study

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