Energy Monitoring




The solution developed by Canavisia optimizes the Energy and Operating Management of the plants at industrial and civil level. In order to optimize energy consumption it is necessary to identify the causes of inefficiency:

  • Monitoring Consumption
  • Analyzing the data
  • Planning actions and interventions

The Canavisia system monitors all electrical, environmental and infrastructural parameters allowing optimized management of the building through information useful for planning energy saving strategies. In the industrial and tertiary sector energy waste and bad time management are two factors that greatly affect the company balance sheet. Their correct management allows considerable savings for the company and better comfort for those who work there.

For this reason, Canavisia has devised an intelligent industrial system that could be easily integrated into any working environment and allowed anyone to save time and money. The S-Box control unit has already been installed inside production facilities and offices, in which energy waste was due to poor heating management. The installation of the S-Box system has allowed, in this specific case, the management of the temperature and the timed shutdown of the system, achieving considerable energy savings, which translates into cost savings. The intelligent S-Box system can be installed in a short time, without carrying out any renovation work, and without interrupting production or work. Thanks to S-Box it is possible to monitor and control energy consumption, program the automatic shutdown of the thermal and electrical system and the monitoring of temperatures in any environment, increasing worker comfort but above all saving energy. In the winter months, in large environments such as industries, offices and shops, it is difficult to control the opening of windows and accesses, thus making it difficult to control energy waste due to heat loss. With the intelligent S-Box system it is possible, for example, to turn off the heating system when the window is opened. Another fundamental aspect for a work environment is safety. By making the closing of the entrances and windows automatic and the insertion of the timed alarm, the problem of possible human distraction is solved.

Thanks to the technology offered by Canavisia, time is saved but above all it saves on the company budget.