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energy monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Energy efficiency for businesses

Canavisia works alongside companies in order to customize  monitoring system tools and optimize energy consumption. Our goal in particular is to identify the solutions that best suit the needs of each company, in order for our customers to reach maximum energy efficiency.

The advantages of the Canavisia Energy Monitoring System specifically are:

  • Identification of any possible energy waste
  • increases in quality and efficiency in production
  • real-time checks on consumption
  • improvements in the production processes in view of eco-sustainability
Energy Monitoring

Monitoring System

Canavisia devices gather the data collected by the Meters and transmits in real time to the central software. Which then proceeds to process it and make it available on the Canavisia Dashboard.

You can monitor energy vectors such as light, water and gas. With attention to the power levels recorded by each measured plant, check their incidence, perform quick comparisons between different periods of time. Experience the effects of corrective actions applied on the use, all in full autonomy.

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Energy Monitoring

Monitoring system schemes

Energy Monitoring

Energy Analysis

In order to achieve energy efficiency in your company, we perform specifically a detailed analysis of the energy consumption to evaluate, build and install cutting edge solutions that optimize consumption in buildings and industrial plants.
A conscious and efficient use of electricity allows you to consume better, reducing waste and thus generating savings for your company.

Canavisia offers you an EGE certified expert according to the UNI CEI 11339 standard. Who can provide you with practical information on consumption habits and advise on actions that can immediately translate into energy savings.

With a continuous monitoring system of the energy consumption you can maintain the desired level of efficiency over time.

Here’s where you start saving, by intervening on consumption habits and without interfering with productivity. An efficient use of energy allows less energy to be used for the same production.

modular and scalable solutins

Consumption Monitoring, Data Analysis
Planning Actions and Inteventions

Energy represents a substantial share of operative costs. Canavisia faces the energy consumption optimization market with a modular and scalable solution in in line with the investment capacity. The modules of the S-Box line digitalize the energy consumption data of any device and company infrastructure (machines, services, lightning, etc.) and send these data to local or remote artificial intelligence platforms (also through cloud/ Cloud Manufacturing) capable to transform them in information to assist and support operational decisions. The consumption monitoring of the operating machine is part of the predictive monitoring of the machine condition and it can be easily extended to the monitoring of the entire operating area through a gradual approach of targeted interventions on the most problematic areas, with a full scalability for further interventions in order to guarantee energy efficiency.

the canavisia solution

cost reduction strategy and evaluation

The Canavisia solution includes the Canavisia Dashboardsoftwarewhich displays in real time the value of the consuming parameters, their changing over time and the exceeding of preset thresholds, providing specific information on the status and the quality of the energy supply, its areas of major consumption and on all those parameters allowing and evaluation and energy cost reduction strategy.

Simple and smart plants

Canavisia presents S-Box

Using the experience of the parent company in the industrial electronics sector, Canavisia presents S-Box, a control unit that, using the technology of conveyed waves and radio waves, allows you to create a simple, economical and adaptable intelligent system to all buildings, new or existing.

This project was born in order to making designers and also electrical installers independent from a specific material supplier and from high costs, guaranteeing to the user greater comfort and savings.

With S-Box the electrical system turns “digital” and tands out for reduced complexity, high expandability and configuration flexibility. S-Box is ideal firstly for both existing and secondly for the new buildings as it does not require the use of special dedicated cables, as the existing power line is used. The S-Box system is easy to install and set up.

Monitoring of energy consumption allows to improve user comfort and energy savings. With the aid of technology it is possible to set temperature, humidity and brightness thresholds, avoiding unnecessary energy waste. Home automation also allows you to make your system flexible to the user’s needs and remotely controllable.

Concepts of flexibility and remote control include, such us, the possibility of verifying the activities of an elderly person in their own home by simply checking the daily use of lighting (without the use invasive cameras), or the usability of a music piped broadcasting system, the management of irrigation in real time, in case of sudden meteorological changes, or the detection of any intrusion.

Everything without adding cables and without invasively modifying the existing system, but with the simple use of ShoeBox.

Energy control 

is the most interesting and multifaceted option that guarantees a planning of the energy use with significant money saving. In fact, it is possible to control and manage the temperature of each individual room, thus optimizing the consumption of natural gas and/or electricity by acting on each radiator valve.

It is also possible to program the power switching of the electrical devices based on the use (ex: Water Heaters) according to the time of the day. Another interesting application concerns the load priorities settings which allow to avoid to exceed the capacity limit of the meter, thus avoiding its disconnection.

A system conceived in this way can also transfer images and videos and, in special events, send communications via e-mail.

Case history

Hundreds of installed system throughout Italy