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Each new solution incorporates the memory of the experience

Canavisia, a SEICA Group company with headquarters in Strambino (TO) Italy, designs and manufactures products, applications, solutions and services for the acquisition and digitalization of data coming from machines, factories, buildings and cities, enabling the connection, monitoring and control of those resources with the goal of optimizing processes, maintenance and intelligent energy management over the web and from the Cloud, as well as analytics.


integrity and constant commitment

Canavisia proposes itself as a valid partner with established values in innovation, integrity and constant commitment with every single customer. 

monitoring resources


Continuous improvement of the products offered to its Customers to maintain a high standard, research of new technologies and experimentation of cutting-edge solutions

monitoring resources


More than 30 years experience, constant passion and continuity in the field of electronics.

monitoring resources


Strong organization, significant human resources, monitoring resources a strong orientation towards teamwork and information sharing

Our solutions

Adapting to changes is necessary to emerge

turnkey and customized solutions

Hundreds of systems and benches
installed in Italy

In its years of activity, Canavisia has installed industrial monitoring, energy monitoring and street furniture systems all over Italy, offering monitoring resources, “turnkey” and “customized” solutions for various markets.

Industrial Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Street furniture and smart cities

Public Offices

Monitor consumption and reduce energy waste in lighting and temperature control through temperature management and monitoring.

  • Measurement of temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and brightness.
  • Implementation of 7 independent lighting lines and two electric controls for switching the split on/off;
  • Measurement of the overall electric absorption of the light lines and electric absorption of the force line;
  • Thermostat control that manages the gas boiler. «Intelligent thermostat» ;
  • Installation of the “Enel meter direct reading” option to measure the total absorption of the office.
  • Energy savings monitored by 11%, to 56%;
  • Optimization of air conditioning systems consumption;
  • Monitoring from a single point in the headquarters of all branches in the area;
  • Possibility of planning targeted interventions based on reliable data;
  • Environmental comfort: the system will guarantee the desired temperature and relative humidity at the times indicated;
  • Automatic alarms on anomalies and possibility of intervening locally, via manual and remote commands
  • Automatic brightness adjustment and automatic switching off of lights and air conditioners.


  • Monitoring of hospital environments in order to guarantee the conditions required by law;
  • Structure and consumption optimization;
    Non-invasive intervention on the structure;
  • Export of data to the facility management software platform.

Installation in all environments of a Battery-powered ShoeBox Sensor R module, for detecting temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, brightness and CO2.

  • Identification of waste through precise, calibratable and non-invasive monitoring integrated with pre-existing facility management software.
  • Possibility of preparing specific corrective actions for the improvement of buildings and their yield in terms of comfort and consumption, based on the monitored consumption;
  • Possibility to monitor data locally and remotely and through a predictive and punctual analysis to anticipate situations that are not compliant by optimizing the number of maintenance operations.

support and efficiency

Canavisia group

Canavisia Srl is an Italian company based in Strambino (TO), part of the Seica S.p.A.

Seica S.p.A was founded in 1986, but today it has become part of a larger group.

Seica France (2000)
The Seica USA (2000)
Seica China (2004)
Seica Deutschland (2008)

In recent years, relevant partnership agreements were established with other production environments, which led Seica to be a part of:

Proxima, Piacenza (italia), sole Seica marketing agent for the national territory.
Seica Automation, industrial automation system manufacturer. .
Smarteam Technology, Distributes Seica products in China.
Quick Test Group, Taiwanese partner.

Canavisia is founded for the creation and production of Smart objects and solutions for energy management, industrial monitoring and Smart Cities.


Simple and scalable solutions depending on requirements

The solutions are simple and scalable and can be configured based on specific requirements.

The system dashboard and the APP provide a real-time view of connected resources and statistical reports. Furthermore, the solutions are compatible with a wide range of protocols and management software, for easy integration into existing infrastructures. In view of the events detected, the Canavisia system is able to generate alarms and send e-mails and implement on the connected users.

For the smart city, Canavisia has developed a series of smart benches providing services such as USB charging stations and wi-fi access, as well as environmental and site monitoring resources.

Canavisia technology is based on the use of power line communication and radio waves.

The system is not invasive and easy to apply.

smart bench


Our customers' feedback
always matters

Canavisia has proved to be an absolutely trusted partner for the energy consumption monitoring resources. Their products and their timely responses, as well as their advice to better manage energy efficiency, proved to be extraordinary. We are glad to have Canavisia as our partner and to rely on their assistance in the years to come!
With Canavisia we quickly finalized a smart city project in our municipality; we have received innovative proposals from a technological point of view and, at the same time, engaging for tourists who will visit our territory. Their friendliness and kindness in interpersonal relationships should also be emphasized.
We have been testing the new Canavisia home automation system in our plant for a long time. Beside guaranteeing the perfect functionality and ease of management, they have proved to be extremely reliable, reducing gas and electricity consumption by 20%. This is an investment that I recommend to any entrepreneur!
I needed to manage not only energy consumption but also the health of my company's machinery, since we produce electronic boards and the quality of our products must always be maximum. Thanks to Canavisia, I now always have at hand tables, graphs and alerts warning me about our production status. I couldn't do without them anymore!


News from the Canavisia world

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For the first time Canavisia, a Seica Company, will be exhibiting at Embedded World 2024 to present a series of Smart Tools for electronics designers, test and production engineers which can be deployed as stand-alone solutions or embedded in integrated manufacturing systems, whether for small or high-volume production. DeviceClip is

KEY ENERGY- Rimini November 5th-8th

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