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monitoraggio stato di conservazione

Facility Monitoring Electronic Factory

Client RequestMonitoring of the conservation status of the materials and also of the PCBs stored in the refrigerators. Refirgerator door-opening detection and notification Semaphore reading of a PCB cleaning machine not visible to the operator Monitoring of specific electric utilities


Measurement of the temperature and at the same time the relative humidity inside the refrigerators and also the storage premises for PCBs and door opening detection via light sensor.

Monitoring electronic factory.

Semaphore status reading via octocoupler.

For this reason installation of a Multimeter module on every system (such as, refrigerators) aimed to the monitoring of the active and reactive power, tension, current, consumption and PF with the use of openable CTs.

Client Benefits

  • Traceability at first of the conditions of maintenance of the materials inside the refrigerators and also the storage premises.

  • Real-time detection of open door and timely interventions aimed to prevent the decay of the materials contained.

  • Energy saving.

  • Access especially to Industry 4.0 incentives.

Case study

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