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Energy Monitoring and Tourism Promotion in a Municipality of Canavese

clientMunicipality of Canavese

categoriesEnergy monitoring and tourism promotion

The project is aimed to evaluate the benefits obtained specifically from the public lighting redevelopment plan in terms of lower consumption, savings, safety, service quality, enhancement of the municipal area.

Project Benefits

Thanks to the experience gained over the years in the field of Smart Cities, Canavisia was able to make available a specifically complete solution consisting at first of energy monitoring tourism and an integrated system (hardware and software) also extracting detailed and standardized data from the public lighting system, at least providing street furniture (Smart Bench) equipped with environmental detection systems and offering useful services to citizens such as Wi-Fi internet connection. Also it offers recharging point for smartphones and tablets and finally to provide a tourist promotion service through beacons, small Bluetooth devices transmitting low-consumption and short-range radio signals that can guide tourists, with their smartphones, to discover new places and specifically creating new experiences in knowledge.

Technology used:

1. Measuring system of the consumptions from the public lighting line

The system makes use of a n. 34 Multimeter, “smart” sensors for monitoring energy consumption installed on the electrical panels of public lighting systems and a n. 1 Master Canavisia, a control unit where all the data coming from the sensors located in the area conveyed, thus functioning as a data collector, processing them and especially transmitting them to the System Dashboard.

2. Dashboard System for data collection, analysis and visualization

The data coming in detail from the ShoeBox Master collect on the Master Canavisia server and then processed by the Dashboard System to obtain charts, reports and statistical analyzes on the data detected by the various lines. The Dashboard System software installed on the Desktop PC of the municipality to draw directly from the data contained on the server.

3. Smart Bench for citizen services

Three Mira smart benches were supplied, consisting of a supporting structure in steel. The seat and back are made particularly of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) wood composite slats

Mira smart bench technological features
  • Recharge point for USB and Wireless devices
  • Wi-Fi hotspot for internet access.
  • Attendance package (passage and also sitting)
  • Attendance package (passage and also sitting)
    • Temperature (°C)
    • humidity %,
    • atmospheric pressure (hPa)
    • brightness (lux).
  • Pollution pack
  • Audio package
  • Sensor detecting the presence of CO2 in the air (ppm).
  • Operating system and also management software: people who connect to the Mira Wi-Fi Hotspot with their mobile device (smartphone or tablet) are automatically redirected to a web interface from which, by selecting the different icons, they have the ability to interact with Smart Bench and receive information related to the area (links to external websites, documents, news, weather forecasts, etc.).

4. Tourists and Citizen services beacon

Five beacons were provided to the municipality, small Bluetooth devices transmitting low-consumption and short-range radio signals. The beacons find wide application in the field of tourism. Via specifically their smartphones, visitors have the possibility to discover new places, creating new knowledge experiences. This also include micro-location technologies. Thanks to the Bluetooth technology and through a specific installed app that recognizes their signal, they transmit information to smartphones nearby. With these transmitters, the user can receive information, maps or any other content in a specific place and at a specific time. The beacons can also provide real-time accurate data on the use of the app by the users, thus allowing to analyze their activities, behaviors and routes within cities and the application itself.

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