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monitoraggio energia elettrica

Monitoring of the Gas and Energy consumption of Public Offices

Client Request

Energy field monitoring: three-way multimeter connected via 485 bus to LoRa antenna remotely communicating to the S-METER smart control unit with edge-computing functionality tge field data to the client's server.

Gas Monitoring: from the pulse output of the meter the data is sent to the S-PULSE Meter communicating to the client's server via GSM.


monitoraggio energia elettrica

Client Benefits

Monitoring of the consumption in the satellite office directly from the headquarters

The data have been uploaded on the Client’s server who chose to elaborate them using their own software.

Data historicization of the energy consumption for lightning, conditioning system and of the computers, as well as the gas consumption for the heating system.

Preparation of corrective actions aimed to the improvement of the energy consumption of the satellite buildings.

Case study

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