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monitoring of hospital


Client Request

Monitoring of hospital areas in order to guarantee the conditions required by law and in particular to subsequently perform a targeted intervention aimed to structural and consumption optimization.

The monitoring must take place through a non-invasive intervention on the building structure. Data export to the facility management software platform.


Installation of battery-powered S-Sensor in all areas in particular for the measurement of temperature, atmospheric pressure, brightness and also CO2 consumption. The modules are powered through a 5VDC power supply.

Client Benefits

  • Identification of waste through precise, calibratable and especially non-invasive monitoring integrated with pre-existing facility management software.

  • Possibility of preparing specific corrective actions for the improvement of buildings and their yield in terms of firstly comfort and secondly consumption, based on the monitored consumption.

  • Monitoring of hospital data locally and also remotely and through a predictive and punctual analysis to anticipate situations that are not compliant by optimizing the number of maintenance operations.

  • Energy wastage identification.

Case study

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