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monitoraggio delle utenze elettriche


Client RequestMonitoring supermarket such as electrical utilities, environment and the efficiency of the refrigeration units. Direct reading of the Enel meter. Data collection and remote analysis. Non-invasive installation.


Installation of S-MultiMeter for monitoring supermarket such as electrical measurements through openable CTs with amperages from 50A to 1500A.

LDirect reading of the Enel meter especially through S-Meter for overall measurement.

Data export on the network, firstly locally and secondly via Cloud.

Installation of Canavisia Frigo Kit in particular for preassure and temperature measurement of the refrigerators.

monitoraggio delle utenze elettriche supermercato

Client Benefits

Possibility of preparing specific corrective actions for the improvement of buildings and their yield in terms of comfort and consumption, based on the monitored consumption.

Possibility to monitoring supermarket data locally and remotely and through a predictive and punctual analysis to anticipate not-compliant situations by optimizing the number of maintenance operations.

Energy wastage identification.

Case study

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