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Public Offices

Client RequestConsumption monitoring and reducing energy waste in lighting and temperature control.


Installation of the S-Sensor for the measurement of temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and brightness.

Setting up S-Base for the implementation of in particular the independent light lines and electric controls for the on/off switching of the splits on their dedicated input.

Installation of openable CTs on the S-Base to measure electrical absorption, overall electrical absorption of the lighting lines and electrical absorption of the force line.

Use of the S-Sensor to control the thermostat towards the gas boiler, through the relay on the board, to replace the existing thermostat.

Direct reading of the Enel electric meter to measure the total absorption of the office using the S-Meter.

Use in particular the “Smart Thermostat” function to optimize the heating and air conditioning system consumption. In fact, through the intelligent algorithm, the Canavisia self-learning system calculates especially the thermal response of the building at certain internal and also external temperatures and on the basis of this calculation allows you to set the desired temperature at the desired time, preventing unnecessary advances on ignition or unpleasant delays.

Use of the “Self-adaptive constant brightness” function to set the intensity of the lighting bodies according to the brightness coming from outside, ensuring the necessary brightness but preventing unnecessary switching on. It is sufficient to set a desired brightness level and the system will automatically take care of maintaining the desired level by modifying the intensity of the lamps.

Automatic switching off of lights, air conditioners and modification of the heating set-point when the alarm is armed.

Automatic switching on of the lights when the alarm is disarmed.of

Client Benefits

  • Energy savings monitored by 11%, to 56%.
  • Monitoring of public offices from a single point in the headquarters of all branches in the area.
  • Possibility of planning targeted interventions based on reliable data.
  • Environmental comfort: the system will guarantee the desired temperature and relative humidity at the times indicated.
  • Automatic alarms on anomalies and possibility of intervening locally, via manual and remote commands.

Case study

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