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For the first time Canavisia, a Seica Company, will be exhibiting at Embedded World 2024 to present a series of Smart Tools for electronics designers, test and production engineers which can be deployed as stand-alone solutions or embedded in integrated manufacturing systems, whether for small or high-volume production.

DeviceClip is a universal ISP (In-System Programming) programming tool designed for programming all types of semiconductor devices (microcontrollers, serial memories, programmable logic devices) from any semiconductor manufacturer. The solution is modular and can be configured to provide up to 64 parallel, totally independent, multi-protocol  ISP channels, and is provided with an embedded control panel compatible with any operating system. No host software installation is required:  all you need to fully control DeviceClip is a browser.

Programming Tools - Canavisia
Programming Tools – Canavisia

Its integrated high-performance microcomputer enables DeviceClip to reach the maximum programming speed of any device, and each channel within the module can be configured to support totally different targets ensuring an extremely high level of flexibility.

The compact architecture of DeviceClip was designed for easy integration even in constrained spaces, for example complex test fixtures, allowing optimum placement close to the target devices.

Visitors will also see the new LedMeter tool for testing the LEDs which are commonly assembled on electronic boards. This Smart Tool measures RGB, Hue, XY chromaticity, color saturation and relative intensity and wave length in nano meters. LedMeter has a modular architecture for easy scalability, based on i2C communication: each control module can manage up to 64 sensors and is available in a TTL <> USB and RS232 version. The software included in the tool enables the acquisition of the selected channels, which are then shown on the screen of the host PC in a clear, easy to understand format.

Fixture Led Meter - Canavisia -Led Test
Fixture Led Meter – Canavisia -Led Test

The MINI test solution, part of Seica’s VIVA Integrated Platform (VIP™) will also be on display. A very useful and cost-effective platform to develop your customized ICT and functional test benchmarks, it provides a wide range of integrated instruments, switching matrices and user power supplies. The user has broad discretion in the choice of configuration and programming languages: the VIP™ platform allows easy integration of off-the shelf instrumentation, and test sequences can be developed using the VIVA Test Studio environment as well as a wide range of third-party software including LabView©, TestStand©, C, and Python. Unlike most self-manufactured “rack and stack” test beds, the MINI test solution includes complete user documentation and a self-diagnostic program, guaranteeing sustainability and maintainability over time, even in the case of resource turnover.

Mini 80- Testing Tools - Canavisia
Mini 80- Testing Tools – Canavisia


Come visit us at Booth 5-243 to see how our Smart Tools innovations can help you accelerate yours!


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