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smart bench e turismo

Campings and Hotels

Client Request

Smart benches in steel, installable both in internal and external areas, also powered with photovoltaic solar panels. Internet access, USB charging ports and user management platform. Smart features such as environmental sensors, night lightning, Audio, Bluetooth.


Need analysis with subsequent proposal of the bench containing the technological solutions best suitable for the Client.

Smart Bench production and supply.

smart bench e turismo

client Benefits

Smart bench for tourism gives visibility and promotion of the touristic and commercial offer: for example, the daily menu and the ongoing events were displayed via the user interface

  • Call-to-action sent directly from the platform to the user: such as the launch of audio clips inviting the customers to the resturant or proper proximity marketing actions. Such as advertising campaigns specifically created for the users connecting to Wi-FI via the Smart Bench. Thanks to the presence of sensors, the manager of the hotel is able to view the peaks of attendance and also automatically schedule the repetition of the audio clips in specific moments of the day and also notify the guests on shows, event or a special menu.
  • Sponsorship of your business in particular on tourists sites;
  • Smart bench for tourism give especially the brand reputation and brand awareness increase: a Smart Bench installed near the beach bar might turn into a convenient landmark for guests to recharge theirs smartphones or tablets, access to internet and share their selfies on the beach with their friends, put ”Like” on the bar’s social page or the camping, launch audio clips inviting to join the various beach activities or simply to put background music during the happy hour in the evenings. 

Case study

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