Digital Solutions & Smart Cities


Canavisia offers a range of solutions for energy management and operational management.

Canavisia technology is applied in various sectors ranging from retail to industry, up to the cities. Thanks to the experience developed from data analysis in the industrial and energy fields, Canavisia has developed a line of technological solutions designed to make the real objects of the city “smart”, able to provide useful services to people. The smart city solutions include the analysis of environmental, energy, information and data sharing with the cloud. Smart benches are born to meet the new and changing needs of Smart Cities and Smart Living. Design is one of the fundamental elements of our furniture, we sought the collaboration of emerging designers, we went beyond the schemes and we used the collaboration of local suppliers and artisans for the development of our models. Not only does Smart Bench revolutionize the way we furnish public spaces with its forms, but it makes them come alive by integrating technologies that can collect data, provide information, improve the environment and provide useful services for future Smart Cities. The models are characterized by the refined design, the use of quality and eco-sustainable materials and the possibility to customize the details of the structure and the technological equipment. Over time we have made several successful installations in different contexts between municipalities, institutions, museums and fair events, discover our models! Canavisia is available to create new models or study new features based on customer needs.


Mira is the new smart bench by Canavisia, designed and developed to adapt to different installation contexts, both in crowded indoor and outdoor locations and to meet the new and changing needs of SMART CITY and SMART LIVING.

The structure is made of galvanized and powder-coated steel, the seat and back are in W.P.C. (Wood Plastic Composite), a composite material, environmentally sustainable and resistant to external exposure.  

  The Smart Bench Mira offers:

– USB charging ports
– Wireless charging with Qi technology
– LED night lighting
– Wi-Fi hotspot
– Environmental and pollution sensors
– Audio system with bluetooth
– Solar Panel
– Intelligent functionality management

Mira is intelligent because it can also share multimedia content related to the place of installation (information, news, advertising, …) on mobile devices and PCs. Finally, in order to allow an optimal insertion of intelligent benches in the general context of the works, we give the possibility to choose:

– The color of the structure according to the RAL range, if the color you have in mind is not available, you can always submit to our technicians the desired tone, they will immediately verify the feasibility;

– The color of the seat to be chosen from white, gray and brown and the smooth finishes, wood effect, knurled, knurled wood effect. On the upper part of the backrest there is a shelf that can be used as a support for the PC or tablet or be configured to accommodate a photovoltaic panel (Green version).

All the intelligence is located in a compartment below the seat, which can be inspected and protected by a safety lock, inside which there is the smart box, that is a box with IP 65 protection that contains all the Mira electronics. In addition, it is possible to request a module to make emergency calls to a dedicated telephone number, useful in parks and in all unprotected areas where a reference point is needed even at night, thanks to its night lighting.

The dimensions are L180 X W60 X H100 cm


Dora is a single seat composed of a stainless steel base and wooden seat resistant to external exposure that can be configured with or without a backrest. On the base there are laser cut incisions to allow the play of light and let the sound out. Inside the base unit there is the control electronics and the power supply module designed for connection to a 220V power supply. Dora offers several intelligent features such as the ability to surf the Internet, convey information and multimedia content on your mobile devices thanks to a user interface, listen to music, recharge smartphones and tablets thanks to the USB charging ports located on the structure, of to light up and to detect passing and sitting data. All the functions can be managed remotely, the multimedia contents can be added and modified by the customer or with the support of Canavisia technicians, the data detected by the sensors can be displayed on the user management interface or sent to an external website.

The dimensions with back are L65 X W65 X A90 cm

The backless dimensions are L65 X W65 X A45 cm


Morena responds to the criteria and new trends of smart living and smart city. The structure is characterized by two stainless steel base units, joined by a seat in cedar wood or iroko treated for outdoor use. Inside the base unit there is the control electronics and the power supply module designed for connection to a 220V network. Morena offers several intelligent features such as the ability to browse the internet, listen to music, recharge smartphones and tablets, light up and collect environmental data. People can interact with the features and access the various multimedia contents via smartphone, tablet or notebook.

The dimensions are H45.5 x W85 x L240 cm