a real Smart BENCH!

Canavisia provides all the benches with integrated intelligence and features that meet all of the criteria posed by the new concepts of smart living and smart city! 

USB Port:  Search the USB ports and recharge your tablet or smartphone!
Hotspot: Search through the Wi-Fi networks and connect to the <<Smartbench >> network. It provides a free Internet connection up to 25 m away from the installation site.
Remote control: Once you are connected to the <<Smartbench >> network, it will automatically it open a welcome page - (if that does not happen, open your web browser and type: http: //smart.bench). Than you can interact with the bench and see information related to the installation place. 
Information: The Smart Benches have an integrated user interface where you can find news, events, rss feed, audio, video, meteo and many other information related to the installation place.
Sensors: You can see in real time environmental data collected by the Smart Bench (temperature, humidity, pressure, light, in passage, sitting and pollution)
Audio: You can listen to music or audio-guide, select a web radio from the playlist or share your music with the Bluetooth.
Lighting: You can choose between two different light effects, select a single color, or create your favorite color by entering a RGB code.